How do you program in Chinese?



I recently moved to China to work for my company. I am in charge of some employees there, and they program using programming languages with English syntax.

In order to try to make their job easier, I am trying to find a way to allow them to program in their language that would be compatible with existing libraries we use (in the English language).

Are there any Chinese programming languages? If so, are they compatible with their English counterparts? Would this switch be worthwhile?

I came here to ask because I thought I would get better input from a Chinese-language community.



I think this is a joke ^^


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try chinesepython…


回答 = 读入('你认为中文程式语言有存在价值吗 ? (有/没有)')

如 回答 == '有':
    写 '好吧, 让我们一起努力!'
不然 回答 == '没有':
    写 '好吧,中文并没有作为程式语言的价值.'
    写 '请认真考虑后再回答.'


I don’t think you really need to,

for me I do the opposite. I try to program in english, because I use a lot of foreign open-source software or code to make my daily work much easier and I write code for those open-source community too. As english is the main language of those community so I have to and I think it’s necessary.

I think there are many chinese programmers who are interested in foreign open source or project, so why not try to let them learn some english and be familiar with projects in english while you work with them?

I don’t know the UK culture but for me, if I am the boss, I wouldn’t only hire some “poor chinese” or “cheap labor” but also lead my stuff to become rich. the “rich” I mentioned not only means the money, I also means knowledge, experience, thought. And I think learning english is a good start for your stuff.




There’s devil in chinese that’s why we don’t use chinese to program.


I don’t think chinesepython(or something like that) is a good idea. If a programmer doesn’t even know words likeif,elseand can’t learn these simplest things, how could you expect them to learn some hard technique? English provides an easier way to think as long as plenty of learning materials. Hope you can find better programmers.


But I think most Chinese programmers will prefer English programming languages.


E language..

and chainses python….


programming in chinese, seriously? may be you need to get a license first ^_^